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My Listing ("Selling") Plan

I refer to my bundle of services as a "selling plan" because I will work with you to develop a specific plan to sell your property, not just acquire your listing. I will go through the planning process step-by-step. This straight- forward exercise is invaluable because it produces a mutual understanding between all parties as to goals and expectations. Although the subsequent work required by the agent may be substantial, developing this plan is minimally time-consuming for you, the seller. I will work with you to accomplish the following:

Establish Selling Goal(s):

I refer to my service as a "Selling Plan" rather than just a listing because I work with you to develop a plan to accomplish a specific goal-the sale of your property for the highest reasonable price in the shortest possible time.


My focus has always been on resort properties and high-end residences. Selling these properties requires a totally different set of tools and skills than the typical home sales with which most real estate agents are familiar.

For resort properties (vacation homes and condos- primarily on or near the ocean, the golf course, or the waterway), effective internet marketing is essential because yard signs and open houses don’t work for resort properties when your prospective buyers live hundreds of miles away. The required addenda, rules for financing and numerous other factors are also unique to resort properties in our area and using an agent not familiar with them can be costly.

For luxury homes, an exceptionally high level of service, knowledge, marketing expertise and experience is required from the listing agent (or Buyer’s agent). Buyers and Sellers of these types of properties will tolerate nothing less. Also the agent must possess a great deal of knowledge about the special features and location advantages that make these properties stand above the rest.

Personal Attention:

Every single one of my listings gets my personal attention. I carefully examine market trends, comparable properties, and any other factors that will aid me in most effectively marketing your property.


I have been a full-time career real estate agent since 1985. I owned and operated my own real estate company for 18 years. You don’t want to trust a monetary and emotional decision of this magnitude to a beginner.


Knowledge/Research: I know this market – the financing possibilities, the listings that your property will be competing against, upcoming developments, sales trends and other factors which determine how to sell your property for the most money in the shortest amount of time.


In addition to periodic calls and emails, you will receive reports on showings, internet inquiries, market conditions, comparable listings, potential buyer comments, and more. My team can also set up for you to be automatically e-mailed each time there is a change in competing listings. In short, we will keep you actively involved in your selling plan until your property is sold!

Thousands of Buyers:

While many companies spend most of their marketing dollars generating more listings, I believe the best way to serve my Seller clients is to generate inquiries from legitimate potential Buyers. My marketing produces a constant stream of prospective buyers.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS):

Any agent can enter a listing in the MLS. The devil is in the details. Listings have a much better chance of being shown (and SOLD) if the information is complete, accurate and easy to obtain. This should be a “given” but it’s not.

A full set of quality pictures is a must. Showing instructions must be straightforward and reasonable. We always obtain master deeds, homeowner’s meeting notes, rental histories (where applicable), up-to-date POA fees and more. Most of these documents are uploaded to the listing so that other agents have easy accessibility.

This is all standard procedure for my team but, unfortunately, our MLS has many listings with inaccuracies and generally poor presentation-a costly situation for the disadvantaged Sellers. Experienced agents, who might show your property, value their time and that of their customers and they know which companies’ listings to seek out and which ones to avoid.

Print Advertising:

The Beach Pro Team and The Hoffman Group advertise in local and regional newspapers as well as a number of magazines such Homes and Land.

Internet Marketing:

Almost 90% of today’s buyers start their search on the internet. Way back in the mid 90’s, I was one of the first Myrtle Beach area agents to develop a website:

Now the internet has become my strongest source of leads and I am constantly upgrading my website and the accompanying marketing efforts to drive prospective buyers and sellers to it.

My team and I are systematically entering detailed information (pictures, site plans, floor plans, etc.) for just about every resort development and luxury home neighborhood on the Grand Strand. Chances are, if you own a resort property or luxury home in our area, your development is already on our website or will be in the near future.

Also, the Hoffman Group maintains four websites which generate an enormous number of active buyer leads:

Marketing To Other Agents:

In general residential real estate sales in most areas, yard signs generate more Buyer leads than any other method. Although this certainly happens in our market, most often with current Myrtle Beach area residents simply moving for one reason or another, a high percentage of our Buyers are either moving here from another area or they are purchasing a second home or vacation rental property. In these instances, they are quite often working with another agent, either within my company or another. For this reason, marketing to other agents is just as important as marketing directly to potential Buyers.

My experience allows me to structure my listings so that they attract the attention of other agents. I also regularly employ broadcast e-mails and good old-fashioned networking to communicate with other agents specializing in resort and luxury home sales. Of course, as previously mentioned, I take great pride in maintaining current, accurate listings

Oceanfront Sales Offices:

The Hoffman Group maintains onsite sales offices in over a dozen oceanfront developments, from Myrtle Beach to Cherry Grove, providing additional exposure for your listing to thousands of prospective purchasers.

Short Sale Experience:

Monica and I have both earned our Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, representing the most extensive and intense training available for the handling of short sales, which represent an increasingly large portion of our market. Specifically in our market, less than 30% of short sales ever close but OUR success rate for these difficult transactions has been exceptional with almost 100% of our listed short sales closing

Rental Management Experience:

For 8 years, the company I owned and operated managed vacation rental properties and annual rental properties for second-home owners and investors. Although my focus is now on sales, this experience gave me great insight into these important segments of our local real estate market.

Network of Professionals:

Numerous professional services must work together for a real estate sale to happen. A problem with any one of these impacts the entire transaction and can be costly and time consuming.

As previously mentioned, sales of large or unusual residences, second homes and vacation rental properties, particularly condominiums, present different sets of challenges from ordinary home sales. I have worked hard to establish working relationships with lenders, attorney’s, appraisers, property managers, insurers and rental managers who are expert in the field of resort properties and high-end residences.

Call us if you would like to discuss the sale of your property
(or the purchase of another).


"Gene and Monica - Yea!!! Settlement went off without a hitch today…

Beth and I thank you so much for working with us to sell this unit. We are having a toast to celebrate the fact that we have been successful… after so many trials and efforts to take action. We owe much to you and we are sincerely grateful for everything you both did to work this issue with the expertise you bring to the table, professionalism, and genuine ease and friendliness with which you conduct business.

Thanks, Thanks, and more Thanks to you guys.

By the way, I have a friend at work whose father-in-law has a property/condo in North Myrtle, and my friend and his wife are interested in selling it… and I am passing your names/contact info to him. I told him how great you guys were.

Respectfully (and can't stop smiling),
Ed and Beth Craft"

Myrtle Beach SC Real Estate