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My Listing ("Selling") Plan

I refer to my bundle of services as a "selling plan" because I will work with you to develop a specific plan to sell your property, not just acquire your listing. I will go through the planning process step-by-step. This straight- forward exercise is invaluable because it produces a mutual understanding between all parties as to goals and expectations. Although the subsequent work required by the agent may be substantial, developing this plan is minimally time-consuming for you, the seller. I will work with you to accomplish the following:

Establish Selling Goal(s):
  1. Desired price
  2. Desired time frame
  3. Motivating factors
  4. Limiting factors
Establish Current Market Value:
  1. Competitive Market Analysis to establish current market value
  2. Market activity level for comparable properties
  3. Comparable market price trend (up, down, stable)
Establish Pricing Strategy:
  1. Reconcile goals and actual market conditions
  2. Determine preliminary asking price
  3. Physical inspection of property
  4. Refine asking price if necessary (after inspection)
  5. Set timetable for reviewing and adjusting price and/or terms if necessary
Determine Commission Structure:
  1. Century 21 Boling's commission
  2. Co-brokerage commission
  3. Bonus?
  4. Special situations
Optimize Condition of Property:
  1. List property’s special features and attributes
  2. Identify property’s weaknesses, potential negative perceptions
  3. Decide on repairs or upgrades, if any, and plan how they are to be accomplished
Determine Buyer Incentives:
  1. Will you pay the Buyer’s closing costs or other fees, upgrade allowances, loan buydowns, etc.?
Establish Showing Instructions:
  1. Appointment? Lock Box? Rental Management key?
Collect Seller’s Contact Information:
  1. Need to be able to contact owner almost instantly at any time
Develop Marketing Plan: (Not all will apply to each listing)
  1. Print ads
  2. Hot Sheet?
  3. MLS
  4. Broadcast e-mail to other agents
  5. Signage
  6. Direct mail
  7. Internet
  8. Other marketing methods
Sign Listing Agreement and Related Documents:
  1. Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement
  2. Agency Disclosure
  3. Rental Information Disclosure Authorization Form
  4. Property Management Information Disclosure Authorization Form
  5. SC Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement (Required in SC)
Gather Property Information: (I will do most of this)
  1. Master Deed
  2. HOA meeting notes, budget, monthly assessments, insurance assessments, etc.
  3. Property pictures (for MLS, ads)
  4. Rental History (if applicable)
  5. Lot survey/plat
  6. Virtual tour (if applicable)
Provide Feedback to Owner:
  1. Comprehensive monthly reports
  2. Automatic e-mail notification of comparable listing changes
  3. Report showings and comments frequently (by phone or e-mail)
  4. Report ASAP when listings competitiveness is affected by other listings, comparable sales or other factors
Review Pricing, Terms and Sales Strategy:
  1. Per time table established at beginning of listing or if justified by market changes.
Negotiate Offer(s):
  1. I will evaluate all offers (price, terms, timing, contingencies, etc.) and work with you to develop a response
  2. I will communicate your response to potential buyer or buyer’s agent and continue negotiating until the offer is accepted or rejected
  3. For an accepted offer, I will coordinates all necessary documentation required by various government entities as well as the SC Real Estate Commission
Coordinate Closing:
  1. I will provide information to owner on legal representation choices
  2. I will coordinate inspections, repairs or other items required by the contract
  3. I will follow up with all involved parties-attorneys, real estate agents, appraisers, lenders, home inspectors, rental management, insurance companies, utility companies and property managers-whose services are required for the closing and subsequent property ownership transfer to take place as scheduled
Follow Up After Closing:
  1. Ensure the transaction is properly completed and recorded
  2. Assist you with any unresolved issues.
Myrtle Beach SC Real Estate